Privacy Policy


We care for the privacy & protection of our users and their data and we would like to share with you our policy and practices regarding your information and its privacy. Our Privacy Policy outlines what data is collected from our users and how it is used and processed. It also highlights how our users can control their data.


A baronta is the feedback or opinion that a user gives to other users on the baronta platforms. It is also the feedback or opinion that a user receives from other users on the baronta platforms. A baronta Index is a measure to assess and tell how constructive and meaningful the user behavior is based on a complex internal dynamic algorithm that generates a score for each user. baronta by no means guarantees the accuracy of this measure.

Information that users share with us

General Information About You

There are parts of our platforms can be accessed without registration, while other parts of our services can only be accessed by registered users. To be able to provide our services to you, we require that you provide us with some basic information about you. This includes your name, e-mail address and date of birth. E-mail address is necessary for account verification and recovery. Date of birth is needed as baronta is limited to only those who are at least 17 years old. Also, to improve your experience on the platform, to show you relevant content and to improve our ads targeting, we ask you to provide us with other information such your country and gender.

Information shared with the public

Most of your information is kept in privacy and not shared with the public. This includes the barontas that are sent or received to and from other users. However, some information will appear to the public by default. This includes your name, username and baronta index. If you provide us with a profile photo, it will also appear to the public. If you select to pin some barontas to your public profile, it will be available for the public.

Information that we collect from our users

Internet Protocol

When you use our services, even if you are just visiting our website and not registered, we receive information about you and your access. Our servers and some third-party technology providers log your internet protocol (IP) address with timestamps to maintain the security and quality of the service and may log the IP for other purposes such as analytics. To maintain the safety and security of our users, we record your IP address and port when you register and when you send a baronta on any of our platforms. We may also record the IP address and port on other occasions for the same purpose.


The use of cookies has many benefits to internet users and service providers and baronta uses cookies for many reasons. The most important one is to provide a seamless experience for our users. Here are more details about cookies: “When you visit a website, the website sends a cookie to your computer. Your computer stores it in a file located inside your web browser.” * “The purpose of the computer cookie is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity.” * (derived from:
We use cookies to operate our services properly and seamlessly, to collect website usage data and to show ads. You have the option on your own device to disable the use of cookies, but some parts of our services may not function properly if you disable cookies. Here are more details on the use of cookies on baronta:

Login & Authentication

We use cookies to make it easier for you to stay logged in, if you chose to do so, and to verify your account.

Google reCAPTCHA

These are essential site cookies, used by the google reCAPTCHA. These cookies use a unique identifier for tracking purposes.

Preferences & Choices

We use cookies to remember your language choice every time you visit our website.

Cookie Choices

When you give a consent to our cookie policy or when you select your cookie choices, we use a cookie to remember your cookie choices and avoid asking you every time you visit our website.

Ads Cookies

We display ads on our platforms to be able to support our operations and to provide you with our services. We also use third-party ad network partners, such as Media.Net and Google Adsense, to display ads on our platforms. Cookies are used to manage ads. If you don’t give a consent to see ads personalized to you, by disabling the use of cookies to personalize ads, you may see ads that are less relevant to you. These ads use cookies to allow for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse. For more information, you can visit our partner web pages for more details. Learn more about Media.Net privacy policy and practices: Learn more about Google use of cookies for ads: Learn how Google uses information from sites or apps that use its services on


As mentioned above, to make sure that you are protected and that the security and stability of the system is intact, we record the date and time of actions like:
- When you create an account on our platforms
- When you delete your account
- When you confirm your e-mail
- When you send a password-reset request


To provide insights for our users, we may analyze barontas and user activity. Data privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.

3rd Party Services


We may share your data with e-mail providers who facilitate e-mail delivery, this may be used for email confirmation, notifications and password reset.


In addition to using our own internal systems, we may use third-party services, such as Google Perspective API and Microsoft, to filter barontas and content generated by our users to ensure all content is free from prohibited content.

Analytics Services

baronta may utilize services that analyze users’ behavior such as Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics. We use these analytics to improve our services and enhance the user experience. These services may use cookies and may collect certain information about you such as your device, websites you visit, how you use our services, your activities on our platforms or your demographics. Here, you can learn more about Facebook Cookies Policy and Google Analytics Privacy Policy.


To protect our users and the maintain stability of our systems, we may use third-party captcha services, such as the Google Re-CAPTCHA, which may use IP address and cookies to perform the required check.

Notification Tokens

We use third-party services, such as Google Firebase, to assigns a token to your device. This allows us to send you general or directed notifications.

Links to External Sites

Our website may contain links to other sites on the internet or advertisements and we are not responsible for the data practices and privacy policies of these websites. We may be assisted by third party advertising companies for the reason of displaying ads when you visit our website. These companies have the right to use general information about your visit to this website and other websites. This is to show you targeted ads that are more relevant to you.

Your choices & opting out of interest-based advertising

As we outlined above, we use cookies to operate our services and provide other features on our platforms. Your browser may give you the ability to adjust your settings to delete or disable cookies. If you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to use certain part of our services. You can also opt-out of receiving personalized ads here: and here

Disclosure of Information

We highly value the confidentiality of your data. We also have to protect our users and communities from misusers. To make sure our users are protected, we may disclose personal information when requested by legal or law-enforcement entities through official channels.

Modification of Data Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

We have the right to modify the items and conditions of data confidentiality and privacy policy if needed and when we see adequate

Contacting Us

You can contact us using the methods described in the "Contact Us" page

** اعترافات موقع تواصل اجتماعي يعتمد على استقبال آراء بشكل مجهول مباشرة دون معرفة هوية المرسل؛ بهذه الطريقة يمكن للمستخدم معرفة مشاعر اصدقائه بشكل صريح، ويبقى على اتصال مع الآخرين لمعرفة عيوبه لإصلاحها ومزياه، ويتعلم أشياء جديدة عن نفسه

** الاحترام هو الأساس الذي تقوم عليه المجتمعات الإنسانية، في موقعنا نأمل من- المستخدين الحصول على تجربة رائعة لا تخيب آمالهم، وإن كان الموقع أساسا يعتمد على الصراحة، فالإحترام واجب في طرح السؤال والتفاعل معه

** بجانب الحسابات الوهمية، يُحظر على الأفراد المنظمين للجماعات الإرهابية والجماعات- المتطرفة العنيفة التي تنوي تشجيع أو ارتكاب أي نشاط إرهابي أو إجرامي عنيف التواجد في موقعنا.

** نقدر مخاوفكم واهتمامكم بشأن خصوصية بياناتكم على شبكة الإنترنت-. لقد تم إعداد هذه السياسة لمساعدتكم في تفهم طبيعة البيانات التي نقوم بتجميعها منكم عند زيارتكم لموقعنا على شبكة الانترنت وكيفية تعاملنا مع هذه البيانات الشخصية.

** لم نقم بتصميم هذا الموقع من أجل تجميع بياناتك الشخصية من جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك او جهاز الموبايل او جهازك التايلت أثناء تصفحك لهذا الموقع, وإنما سيتم فقط استخدام البيانات المقدمة من قبلك بمعرفتك ومحض إرادتك.

** تتحمل مسؤولية الحفاظ على سرية معلوماتك و كلمة سرك. ستتحمل نتائج كافة الإستخدمات- و النشاطات التي تنجم عن إستخدام كلمة سرك بغض النظر فيما إذا كانت مرخصة من قبلك. توافق على إعلام الشركة على الفور في حال إستخدام كلمة سرك أو تسجيلك بشكل غير مرخص. لن تتحمل الشركة مسؤولية ضياع أو خراب يطرأ نتيجة الإستخدام الغير مرخص لكلمة سرك و تسجيلك.

** سنحافظ في كافة الأوقات على خصوصية وسرية كافة البيانات الشخصية التي نتحصل عليها-. ولن يتم إفشاء هذه المعلومات إلا إذا كان ذلك مطلوباً بموجب أي قانون أو عندما نعتقد بحسن نية أن مثل هذا الإجراء سيكون مطلوباً أو مرغوباً فيه للتمشي مع القانون , أو للدفاع عن أو حماية حقوق الملكية الخاصة بهذا الموقع أو الجهات المستفيدة منه.

** يمكنكم الاتصال بنا عند الحاجة من خلال الضغط على رابط اتصل بنا المتوفر في روابط موقعنا

** إن مخاوفك واهتمامك بشأن سرية وخصوصية البيانات تعتبر مسألة في غاية الأهمية- بالنسبة لنا. نحن نأمل أن يتم تحقيق ذلك من خلال هذه السياسة